Join Hkecia

Qualification of Membership

Full membership is restricted to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ( SAR ) companies who have been registered for a minimum of three years having organised or provided related services in at least one exhibition or convention in Hong Kong SAR or mainland China at a major exhibition or convention venue.

have FULL voting rights.

Associate membership is open to Hong Kong SAR-registered companies having activities related to the exhibition and convention business.

have NO voting rights.

Overseas membership is open to any mainland PRC or international company conducting activities related to the exhibition and convention business.

have NO voting rights.

Membership Application

  1. Application for membership shall be made with the official Application Form.
  2. An application for any of the above types of membership must be proposed by a Full Member and approved by the Executive Committee, and the Executive Committee shall have the right to refuse any application without assigning any reason.
  3. The Executive Committee may waive certain membership requirements under the Association’s Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Membership Fees

Sub-Committees Entrance Fee Annual Subscription
Full Member HK$ 6,000 HK$ 6,000
Associate Member HK$ 3,000 HK$ 3,000
Overseas Member NIL HK$ 1,500

Both Entrance Fee and Annual Subscription are payable in the first year.
Entrance Fee and Annual Subscription will be subject to revision from time.
HKECIA Year commences on 1st May of each year.

Why you should join HKECIA?

Be represented by the HKECIA as the unified voice in dealing with the government, legislative and statutory bodies to defend the best interests of members in the exhibition and convention industries

Build your network and expand your business connections through our events including Annual Dinner, Golf Day, Christmas Receptions, Mission Tours and more

Stay up-to-date with the latest industry development and build your knowledge through our educational seminars and conferences

Gain opportunities to broaden your company’s exposure through various platforms including our websites, e-newsletters and sponsorship opportunities

Membership Entitlements

Entitle to participate in all HKECIA Signature Events

  • Annual General Meeting (Full Members only)
  • Annual Dinner
  • Annual Conference
  • Annual Seminar Cum Christmas Cocktail
  • Annual Golf Day
  • Missions & Tours
  • Ad-hoc Networking Events

Expand Business Exposure

  • Free listing in HKECIA online membership directory
  • Free two-month web banner in HKECIA website worth of HK$ 2,000 & enjoy special rate for placing banner advertisement in HKECIA website after the first two months*
  • Member’s introduction in HKECIA e-newsletter
  • Sponsorship Opportunities in HKECIA Signature Events
  • Opportunity to be featured on HKECIA Official Facebook

Enjoy Membership Benefits

  • Enjoy one complimentary ticket for joining HKECIA Annual Seminar cum cocktail in the first year*
  • Enjoy one complimentary ticket for joining the Cocktail Reception at HKECIA Annual Dinner in the first year*
  • Enjoy a one-time and introductory 10% Discount on Tracker Research Service provided by Business Strategies Group. The Tracker annual subscribers will receive a tracker report every three weeks and will also receive weekly newsletter with the most updated market information. The Standard Annual Subscription Fee is USD 5,000. Discount rate to HKECIA members: USD 4,500.
  • May vote and hold office in the Associate (Full Members only)
  • Participate in selected industry events at discounted rate (Priority given to Full Members)
  • Opportunity to be featured on HKECIA Official Facebook

Remarks:*Applicable for company or organisation joining HKECIA as a Full or Associate Member in 2020-2021)