2011 Exhibition Survey: Healthy Growth Across Hong Kong’s Exhibition Industry Bucks Global Uncertainty Trend
26 June 2012

2011 Exhibition Survey: Healthy Growth Across Hong Kong’s Exhibition Industry Bucks Global Uncertainty Trend

(Released on 26 June 2012) The Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Industry Association (“HKECIA”) announces today the results of its annual survey of the exhibition industry in Hong Kong for 2011. The regular survey, which provides valuable insights into this important sector of Hong Kong’s economy, showed that despite global uncertainties in 2011, the exhibition industry continued its trajectory of positive growth. The numbers of companies coming to Hong Kong to exhibit, the amount of exhibition space they occupied, and the numbers of visitors from overseas arriving for exhibition-based activities, all grew healthily from 2010 to 2011, in some cases posting double-digit growth.

There were 111 ‘trade’ and ‘trade and consumer’ exhibitions with 2,000 sqm or more gross area held Hong Kong from January to December 2011, up by 19.4% from the 93 exhibitions held in 2010. The HKECIA survey data, based on 100 ‘trade’ and ‘trade and consumer’ exhibitions which have responded to the survey, recorded a total of 1,845,140 exhibition visitors for 2011. The number was up on the previous year, indicating the unflagging popularity of exhibitions as a business tool, but of particular significance was the fact that the number of exhibition visitors arriving from outside Hong Kong rose markedly, by 8.8% over 2010. This jump was driven by a 10% growth in regional visitors (i.e. from the Asia Pacific region), and by further growth in numbers attending from Mainland China, up by 13.3%.

This rise in visitor numbers was matched by growth in the number of exhibiting companies coming to Hong Kong in 2011. Overall, according to the survey, some 60,817 companies showcased their goods or services at one of the major exhibitions surveyed, up by 7.2% from 2010’s total of 56,751. Of these, there was particularly strong participation from overseas companies, which clearly saw Hong Kong as an important business option in an uncertain global environment. Companies coming from outside Hong Kong rose by 9.4% in 2011, with ‘international’ companies (i.e. those not based in the Asia Pacific region or Mainland China) increasing in number by an impressive 17.9%. This is a clear indication that Hong Kong remains one of the most important business platforms for overseas companies wishing to promote their products and services to customers in Mainland China.

Commenting on the survey results, HKECIA Chairman Mr Daniel Cheung said, “This is another effective testimony to the importance of the exhibition industry for trade in Hong Kong. It’s always good to see positive figures indicating robust growth, but their significance is heightened when we take into account the global economic environment in 2011. There was a lot of uncertainty, and many might have expected to see Hong Kong’s attractiveness as an exhibition hub dented as a result. Just the opposite! It seems clear that in times of economic turmoil, Hong Kong’s role as a stable, reliable business platform and networking base for buyers and sellers from around the world is reinforced. This bodes very well for our continued development. It is quite clear that trade exhibitions in Hong Kong have a very important role to play as trading hubs for Asia.”

Notes to editors:

1. The HKECIA survey covered number of exhibiting companies, visitors and space occupied at major ‘trade’ and ‘trade and consumer’ exhibitions of over 2,000 sqm held in Hong Kong from January to December 2011.
2. The HKECIA distributed the questionnaire to 54 organizing companies which ran 145 exhibitions in Hong Kong across the calendar year. Out of these 145 exhibitions, 111 were ‘trade’ and ‘trade and consumer’ exhibitions while the remaining 34 were consumer shows. Figures stated in this media release are calculated from 100 completed questionnaires from ‘trade’ and ‘trade and consumer’ exhibitions.
3. ‘Regional’ in the Survey refers to Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific, North Asia, South Asia and South East Asia. ‘International’ refers to Europe, The Americas, Africa and Middle East.
4. Attendance figures are counted in terms of number of visits, i.e. the same person attending exhibitions held concurrently at two different venues are counted as two visits.

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