2012 Hong Kong Exhibition Survey: Resilient Industry Ready for New Developments
28 June 2013

2012 Hong Kong Exhibition Survey: Resilient Industry Ready for New Developments

(Released on 28 June 2013) The Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Industry Association (“HKECIA”) today announced the results of its survey of the exhibition industry in Hong Kong in 2012. This annual survey, based on responses received from all exhibitions of over 2,000 square metres (gross) held in Hong Kong from January to December 2012, is widely recognized as a snapshot not only of the state of Hong Kong’s exhibition industry, but also of global economic trends. The 2012 survey shows an easing of the steady growth of the previous few years as global uncertainties continued to make their presence felt, particularly on international buyers. Overall however, performance held steady year-on-year, with ongoing growth from China a firm reminder of the huge potential from that market. Given the significant challenges to the global economy that have occurred over the past few years, this level of stability from 2011 to 2012 demonstrates the innate robustness of Hong Kong’s exhibition industry.


Generally, most categories covered by the survey showed relatively minor fluctuations from 2011. The total number of exhibitions held remained the same, at 145, of which 107 were “trade” and “trade and consumer” exhibitions. The 98 completed questionnaires that formed the basis for the survey show that the number of exhibiting companies at 59,868 experienced no significant year-on-year change. The same stability was evident in approximate stand rental revenues, which remained roughly the same as the previous year. Looked at more closely, however, the figures reveal that participation from both international and Chinese companies rose from the previous year. Growth among international companies levelled off somewhat, rising modestly by 3.7% after a huge leap of 17.9% from 2010 to 2011. Their investment in stand rental remained steady. Exhibiting companies from “China” also levelled off with 2% growth, but their investment in stand rental increased significantly by 9.1%.

Like the exhibitor numbers, which were little changed from year to year, the number of exhibition visitors from outside Hong Kong also showed little variation from 2011 to 2012. An 8.5% rise in the number of exhibition visitors arriving from “China” indicates that Chinese buyers remain highly positive about the opportunities made available to them by Hong Kong exhibitions. This increase was however offset by a drop in the number of visitors from “regional” and “international” markets. The final overall total for the year, including Hong Kong visitors, was 1,726,693 visitors.

HKECIA Chairman Mr Daniel Cheung sees the latest survey figures as evidence of a settling-down period in the industry after consistently high growth in previous years. “It is normal and natural for the exhibition landscape to reflect wider economic conditions,” he commented. “Given the difficulties that many companies have faced in recent times, the fact that our Hong Kong exhibition industry has held its ground over the last year is certainly an encouraging outcome. What’s more, when we look at the exhibitions that have already taken place in Hong Kong in 2013, and those lined up for completion by the end of the year, it is clear there is plenty of momentum for new growth developing. A number of important new exhibitions are bringing new visitors and exhibitors to Hong Kong after a steady year last year. Here at the HKECIA, we’re very optimistic about the current environment, and the direction that the Hong Kong exhibition industry is going in.”

Notes to editors:

1. The HKECIA survey covered number of exhibiting companies, number of visitors, and space occupied at major ‘trade’ and ‘trade and consumer’ exhibitions of over 2,000 sqm held in Hong Kong from January to December 2012.
2.  The HKECIA distributed the questionnaire to 58 organising companies which ran 145 exhibitions in Hong Kong across the calendar year. Out of these 145 exhibitions, 107 were ‘trade’ and ‘trade and consumer’ exhibitions while the remaining 38 were consumer shows. Figures stated in this media release are calculated from 98 completed questionnaires from ‘trade’ and ‘trade and consumer’ exhibitions.
3. ‘Regional’ in the Survey refers to Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific, North Asia, South Asia and South East Asia. ‘International’ refers to Europe, The Americas, Africa and Middle East.
4. Attendance figures are counted in terms of number of visits, i.e. if the same person attends exhibitions held concurrently at two different venues, this is counted as two visits.


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