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 Organised by UFI – the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, the UFI Education Forum and the UFI Open Seminar in Asia will take place in Singapore on 21-24 February 2017

UFI Education Forum (EF) – Sustainability 2.0

Date: 21-22 Feb 2017 (Tue – Wed)

Venue: Marina Bay Sands

This two-day programme will enable delegates to explore sustainability from a variety of angles. The Forum will examine how sustainability connects with governmental initiatives as well as assessing sustainable solutions in our industry that have been successfully implemented.

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UFI Open Seminar in Asia (OS) – Adapting and Upgrading

Date: 23-24 Feb 2017 (Thurs – Fri)

Venue: Suntec Singapore

The UFI Open Seminar is the largest annual UFI event in Asia. Delegates attending this year’s seminar will hear from industry experts addressing key issues such as changing visitor expectations, emerging digital platforms and mitigating the risk of onsite accidents.

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GROUP OFFER for HKECIA MEMBERS*Group rate at UFI member rate

UFI Education Forum (EF)

If 5 or more HKECIA members registered:

USD 320 per pax

UFI Open Seminar (OS)

If 10 or more HKECIA members registered:

USD 445 per pax

(early bird rate if registered on or before 28 Jan 2017)

USD 495 per pax

(standard rate if registered after 28 Jan 2017)

Important Remarks:

  • In case there are less than 5 paying HKECIA members for EF and/or less than 10 paying HKECIA delegates for OS, the group rate would not be applicable.

  • For members who would like to join both EF and OS, the registration fee will be the sum of the two events, no separated package rate is available.

Should you wish to sign up for the event and enjoy the Group Offer, please follow the below steps:

Step 1: Register directly via UFI’s online registration form at the event website: (no immediate payment is required during the registration process)


Step 2: Send the following participant(s) details to 该 Email 地址已受到反垃圾邮件插件保护。要显示它需要在浏览器中启用 JavaScript。 on or before 27 Jan 2017 (Fri):

-          First Name

-          Surname

-          Job Title

-          Company Name

-          Events to attend (Education Forum Only/ Open Seminar Only/ Both events)

-          Date registered online

For enquiry, please contact:

Tel:      +852 2558 1238
Email:  该 Email 地址已受到反垃圾邮件插件保护。要显示它需要在浏览器中启用 JavaScript。 



Stuart Bailey re-elected as the Chairman of HKECIA

The Hong Kong Exhibition & Convention Industry Association (HKECIA) is pleased to announce that the 2020 Annual General Meeting was successfully held virtually on 7th August 2020, from which the new term of Executive Committee were elected. The Chairman, Executive Vice Chairman, two Vice Chairman, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary were also appointed in the 1st Executive Committee Meeting following the AGM.


会议展览复办无期 香港展览会议业协会促政府加码资助 助业界渡过2019冠状病毒病难关

香港展览会议业协会(「协会」) 於2020年8月11日与香港特别行政区政府 (「政府」) 商务及经济发展局代表会面,简报了协会7月进行的「2019冠状病毒病对香港会议展览业的影响会员调查」(「会员调查」) 结果,并促请政府向香港会展业提供更多资助,协助业界渡过迫在眉捷的艰关。


HKECIA’s updates on Novel Coronavirus

The Hong Kong Exhibition & Convention Industry Association (HKECIA) is closely monitoring the impact of the novel coronavirus infection in Hong Kong and Mainland China on the event industry.  The Hong Kong Special Administrative Government (HKSAR Government) puts public health as the top priority, raised the response level under the "Preparedness and Response Plan for Novel Infectious Disease of Public Health Significance" to Emergency Response Level on 25 January 2020, and has implemented a host of prevention and control measures as an all-out effort to minimise risks of virus infection and spreading in local community.


Hong Kong trade exhibitions and conferences held as planned despite public processions

The Hong Kong Exhibition & Convention Industry Association (HKECIA) wishes to assure all participants, buyers and exhibitors, attending trade exhibitions and conferences in Hong Kong that events are running smoothly and without interruption.  Hong Kong is a welcoming city for investors and visitors.

Although there have been road closures during several public activities, up until the time of this announcement, both of the two major venues for trade exhibitions and international conferences, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) and AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE), are accessible by foot, private cars / freight trucks and public transportation including subway, and are fully operational.

HKECIA Chairman Mr Stuart Bailey stated, “Business is as usual in Hong Kong.  At this time we are seeing that major exhibitions and conferences in Hong Kong are running without incident or interruption.  Exhibition and conference events were not targeted for disruption.  Hong Kong is definitely still open for business and safe to travel. 


调查结果显示本港展览业去年表现稳定 展览业基础稳固 中美贸易战影响轻微

香港展览会议业协会(下称「协会」)刚发表了最新展览活动年度调查结果。 调查数据显示,于2018年1至12月,本港展览业表现稳定,「商贸」和「 商贸及消费」展览数目与2017年相约,参展商和访客数目轻微减少。


本港展览活动访客去年突破240万 亚太区及内地访客显著增长 香港保持「亚洲商贸展览之都」龙头地位



最新研究报告指出香港展览业2016年为港进帐529亿港元 海外参展商平均消费较一般过夜旅客高出75%


(香港,2017年11月29日)          香港展览会议业协会 (简称「协会」) 今天发表「2016年香港展览业香港经济贡献研究报告」。这个两年一度的研究显示,在2016年展览业为本地经济带来529亿港元的消费开支,相等於期内香港本地生产总值的2.1%。这项研究亦再一次肯定展览业为香港带来可观的经济效益,而2016年海外参展商的平均消费,较一般过夜旅客的消费更高出75%。同时,展览业亦为香港人创造相等於77,000个全职职位。






本港展览活动访客去年首破220万 整体表现稳健

香港展览会议业协会(下称「协会」)今日(9月27日) 发表2016年度展览活动调查结果,儘管去年全球政治和贸易不明朗因素增加,本港展览活动上升趋势受到拖慢,但多项主要数据仍令人鼓舞,全年展览访客人次逆市微升至220万,整体表现稳健。同时,参展公司数目比对上一年有略高於2%的升幅,显示香港仍然保持其重要商贸枢纽的地位,而且无论经济气候好坏,香港仍能继续巩固其「亚洲展览之都」的声誉。有关调查收集2016年1至12月期间在香港举行的「商贸」及「商贸及消费」展览的参展商数目和到访人次等数据。