We are aware that the exhibition industry, in past years, had a negative impact on the environment and local communities. Poorly managed exhibitions can generate large amounts of waste, consume large amounts of energy, and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. By adopting sustainable practices, exhibition companies can reduce their environmental impact and contribute to the global effort to combat climate change. Furthermore, promoting sustainability in exhibitions can also provide economic benefits, such as reducing costs associated with waste management and energy consumption. It can also enhance a company’s reputation and appeal to customers who are increasingly concerned about sustainability. By signing this charter, HKECIA members can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and set an example for other businesses to follow. It can also help to create a culture of sustainability within the exhibition industry in Hong Kong, which can ultimately lead to a more sustainable future for all.

The ten-point charter are as follows:

Reduce waste

  • We will strive to reduce our carbon footprint by adopting sustainable practices, such as using energy-efficient lighting, reducing waste, using environmentally friendly materials and sourcing locally produced goods.
  • We will encourage exhibitors to use sustainable materials and to minimise waste by providing recycling facilities and promoting responsible waste management.
  • We will strive to eliminate the use of single-use plastics at our events and will encourage exhibitors and visitors to do the same.

Promote Sustainable Travel

  • We will promote the use of public transportation, sustainable aviation fuels, and other sustainable modes of transportation among exhibitors and visitors.

Conserve Energy

  • We will strive to reduce our energy consumption by using renewable energy sources wherever possible.

Supporting Local Communities

  • We will work with local communities to support sustainability initiatives, such as tree-planting and beach clean-up activities.

Educate and Engage

  • We will promote sustainability education and awareness among our staff, exhibitors, and visitors, and will provide information on sustainability practices and initiatives at our events alongside our continuing priority of onsite health and safety.
  • We will work with our suppliers to ensure that they share our commitment to sustainability and that they adopt sustainable practices wherever possible. We will collaborate with other industry stakeholders to promote sustainability in the exhibition industry in Hong Kong and beyond.
  • We will provide sustainable catering options for our staff, exhibitors and visitors, such as vegetarian and plant-based options on the menu and at venue-operated outlets and reduce red meat.

Measure and Report

  • We will monitor and report on our sustainability performance and will set targets for continuous improvement.

By signing this charter, we pledge to work towards creating a more sustainable future for the exhibition industry in Hong Kong and to promote sustainable practices among our stakeholders.